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Business Shirt Components

Feb 09,2022 | Syfung

The road towards a perfect fit

Using precise construction to make each dress shirt and artificial intelligence to gather on point measurements, there’s a lot of work and care behind each and every custom-tailored dress shirt we produce. Combining the skills of our talented tailors with innovative engineering and the authenticity of our brand is what separates us and our dress shirts from the rest.


A custom-tailored dress shirt is nothing without a good quality fabric. That’s why we use nothing less than high-quality fabrics from suppliers in Europe and China. Discover our wide range of shirt fabrics, ranging from pure business to bold and fun patterns, we’ve got something for all tastes.


Our high-quality interlinings are produced by European suppliers to ensure the best result possible for our dress shirts. Up to three different thicknesses are available to get the perfect finish of the collar and cuff. Choose your preference or let us guide you to the perfect style.


Our high-quality sewing thread, produced by European suppliers, and our skilled tailors allow us to stitch together the perfect shirt that will last. Each seam with its unique, special purpose.


Our collars are engineered to fit the curve around the neck perfectly. A wide range of different collar styles allows variation and a fit for every occasion. The interlining is fused together with the collar and gives the perfect stiffness and look to the shirt.


Our wide range of different cuff styles allows variation and a fit for every occasion. The interlining is fused together with the cuff and gives the perfect stiffness and finish to the shirt.


Our high-quality buttons are available in a wide range of colors and shapes, all designed to match our different fabrics and colors perfectly. For the supreme look, we also offer buttons made out of exclusive mother of pearl.