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1.How to custom

Hello, we are currently using the online body measurement mode, and we have independently developed an AI intelligent body measurement system. You only need to input the height and weight on the mobile phone, and select 4 physical characteristics, such as: abdomen, chest and back, etc. Based on the basic physical characteristics, the high-precision net size of the human body can be calculated and mapped to the clothing size of one person and one version, and the accuracy has reached more than 98%. So please don't worry.

2.How long does it take to customize a dress

After your customized products are confirmed, we will arrange to start cutting and production. The construction period of shirts is 7 to 10 working days after the production is completed. The construction period of standard products is the working day of the production period, not counting weekends and national holidays

3.What if the size doesn't fit?

If there is no problem with the size information you filled in, and if the size of the clothes is not suitable, please do not wash them as soon as possible and contact our online customer service to help you verify and deal with them. We promise to help you modify or redo them free of charge within 15 days after you receive the goods. Yes, the freight you send back is also borne by us, please rest assured

4.The workmanship, size, etc. of the clothes are not suitable and need to be returned?

Sorry for the bad feeling, you can submit an application in the personal center, apply for after-sales, please provide a photo of the problem details of the product to our after-sales customer service for verification, we will promptly provide you with Deal with the after-sales problems of the product. If you need to send it back, we will reimburse you for the shipping cost of your subsequent return.

5.Why did the shirt I receive have a horizontal button?

The horizontal button is our default customization. This is our special customization, which can greatly reduce the tightness of your abdomen. At present, many high-end customizations use this humanized design, so please also You can rest assured that it is not a custom error.