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The Ethos

It is the ethos of professionalization, specialization, personalization, and efficiency that makes people in the dress so charming and confident. We have developed “EASY CUSTOM” business model to deliver the ethos with “CB shirt”.

We focus on man custom business shirt, every shirt you can find here is designed for business, so it makes you look professional. Say goodbye to the worry of which shirt to choose for business activities.
Let us prepare professional shirts for you with professional spirit, while you are struggling for your dream in negotiations, signing contracts, interviews, etc.. Click the link below to get your CB shirt in 2 minutes!

You are special in your business, we are special in man custom business shirt .We have developed the intelligent body measuring technology based on big data and AI-assisted design to provide you the pleasure of enjoying the flexible production service.
This is the evolution of bespoke. In the era of industrialization, elites choose bespoke. In the era of flexible production, elites choose intelligent body measuring technology. The eternal core is standing at the forefront of the times and leading the development of society. Click the link below to get your CB shirt in 2 minutes!

Subvert the stereotyped cognition of business clothes, embroider words and type selections highlight personality. Just showing that you are the most unique one among myriad business people.
CB shirt is the perfect fusion of personalization and professionalization, so that your dress is not only in line with business norms, but also shows your personality properly. Click the link below to get your CB shirt in 2 minutes!

Placing an order in 2 minutes not only saves you time, but also reflects your high-efficiency ethos directly.
What qualities are in need to be called an elite? Different people will have different answers, "high-efficiency" must be among them. Click the link below to get your CB shirt in 2 minutes!